martedì 15 novembre 2016

new album WALKING NOWHERE out now!

new album WALKING NOWHERE out now!

digital download and ltd digipak cd (extra tracks and cd bandcamp only)

buy and listen to here:

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domenica 17 luglio 2016


"Secrets For September" made an amazing remix for the track "THE CLOUD GIRL". the song is now streaming on Soundcloud!

you can listen to here:

the remix was done by Secrets for September founder member Matthew North. Formally of the gothic rock band All Living Fear and currently also a member of the Mike Westbrook Uncommon Orchestra.

North has been releasing albums for nearly 25 years and has collaborated with the likes of Julianne ReganArthur BrownRoger O'Donnell and Steve Bronski

North as well as playing in Secrets and with Mike Westbrook has 2 solo careers one as a singer songwriter and the other performing experimental electronic based music as ‘Department Factory’

Secrets For September have a beautiful new album out now called "INSERT TITLE EAR". check the following links to know more