giovedì 26 dicembre 2013

new single THE EMPTY ROOM is out now on limited edition cd-r and as digital download from Bandcamp only!

it features and exclusive remix from MARSMIND

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sabato 9 novembre 2013


new song THE EMPTY ROOM is now streaming on Facebook, Soundcloud, Official Website and Tumblr!
all the link are here:

here are the words to read along:


Do you remember when we loved each other?
Do you remember when the sun  was shining bright?
Do you remember when the kiss was real?

But then time has passed
You turned into someone else
Things fell apart
Everything we were just broke into pieces...

The sun doesn't shine anymore
Your smile is no longer like it used to be...

It's the end of all emotions
It's the end of our love 
It s the end of all our dreams...

Walking downstairs to the empty room... 

Still hoping to see you
Still pretending you'll be there
Crying downstairs in the empty room... 

Dancing alone in the empty room
Crying alone in the empty room
Feeling alone in the empty room

I still hear the sound of your steps in the empty room
But this room would be empty even with you now...

How could you leave all that was?

Walking in pain to the empty room
Walking in tears to what it was yours once...

Never felt so alone in this empty room
Never felt so lost in this empty room
Never felt so old in this empty room...

you just  changed into someone else...

Why  can't you dream anymore?

And all is left is your memory
And all is left is nothing...

I am alone in the empty room...

(c)the lost boy 2013

Hope you will enjoy!

tlb x

lunedì 19 agosto 2013


a brand new TRENDY V-NECK T-SHIRT is available from my store... ok it's a boy t-shirt but girls have plenty to choose from here!

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tlb x


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tlb x

new song FADING LIPS!

new song FADING LIPS is streaming now on Facebook, Soundcloud, Official Website and Tumblr!

check all the links from

hope you will enjoy!

tlb x

martedì 5 marzo 2013


here's a chance to win a unique HAND WRITTEN AND SIGNED LTD CLEAR 7" of THE OCEAN DREAM...

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tlb x
THE LOST BOY contributes with a REMIX of HOLLOW PRESS track 'VISIONS OF TREES (INTO THE TREES)" on free compilation available for download at
tlb x